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Budget & Fiscal Information


The Audit Services Branch (ASB) is involved in several different types of on-site audits, special reviews and Departmental projects, as requested. Most of the activities are a result of an annual audit plan. Audits are performed at both the County and Provider level. These audits include:

  • Audits of narcotic treatment programs (NTP) funded by Drug Medi-Cal (DMC).
  • Audits of outpatient drug-free (ODF), day care habilitative (DCH), and residential programs.
  • Audits of County Alcohol and Drug Program expenditures.
  • Audits of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) programs.
  • Other projects as requested.
In addition to the above activities, ASB prepares audit bulletins and letters to assist counties and providers in ensuring compliance with applicable rules, laws, and regulations.