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Director's Advisory Council

The Director’s Advisory Council (DAC) was created in 1993 to ensure the delivery of quality alcohol, drug abuse, and problem gambling services in California. The Director’s Advisory Council (DAC) is comprised of ADP leaders, judges, directors of statewide provider organizations, the president of the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators' Association of California (CADPAAC), and the chairs of the eight constituency advisory committees (see the complete list below).

The DAC is responsive to critical issues from judges, counties and the larger alcohol and drug field, identifies barriers to access for traditionally unserved/underserved populations, and provides feedback to the community. Stakeholders identify and discuss issues and build consensus in major policy areas that impact the alcohol and other drug service systems and clients.

Membership includes:

Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) Staff

  • Michael S.Cunningham, Acting Director
  • Tina Chiginsky, Deputy Director, Office of Legislative and External Affairs

Meeting Summaries


Constituent Committees