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Co-Occuring Disorders Workgroup - General Information

Charge of the COD Workgroup

In order to establish appropriate relationships and improve collaboration between the systems designed to address the needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders of severe mental illness and substance abuse/dependence, the homeless, and those in Proposition 36 programs, the Director of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and the Director of the Department of Mental Health charge the Workgroup to:

  • Identify best/most promising practices from the pilot projects and other sources for broader dissemination;
  • Identify funding alternatives for extending best practices;
  • Propose partnerships to be developed in order to promote coordinated services at the local level; and
  • Propose training and technical assistance mechanisms to support local community capacity building.


  • The Department is working with members of the Los Angeles County Dual Diagnosis Planning Committee for the county's annual dual diagnosis conference to be in June 2003. The Department is working with county mental health and alcohol and drug program administration personnel to sponsor an additional day of training to piggyback upon the annual two-day conference.
  • There is a specific subcommittee focusing on patient receipt of services tailored for the individual's needs so that he/she may become as productive as possible.
  • COD Workgroup members communicate on service integration issues. A specific subcommittee is comprised of mental health and alcohol and other drug (AOD) professionals working to create incentives to reinforce the direction toward service coordination and a seamless service delivery system.
  • There are specific committee members designated to discuss results accountability between systems. The goal is to obtain improved outcomes for service recipients in the areas of healthy, safety, economic well being, social and emotional well-being and education and workforce readiness.
  • Funding and financing are on the agenda for discussion at the February meeting.

The subcommittees agreed to meet independently of the regular monthly meetings.

  • During the meeting held on January 16, 2003, the COD Workgroup heard Dr. David Mee-Lee discuss co-occurring programs in other states.