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Frequently-Asked Questions:
Realignment of Drug Court Funding in FY 2011-2012

Do counties still need to submit their Notice of Grant Awards (NGA) and Multi Agency Plans (MAP) for Comprehensive Drug Court Implementation (CDCI), Drug Court Partnership (DCP), and Dependency Drug Court (DDC) funding?

  • No. A letter was sent out to County Administrators and Presiding Judges on September 30, 2011, providing notification of termination of the CDCI NGAs and MAPs for Program Year 2011 as of July 1, 2011. Fiscal Year (FY) 2011-12 NGAs and MAPs are not required for the realigned drug court programs (CDCI, DCP and DDC).

Can counties still submit late invoices or amended invoices for services provided prior June 30, 2011?

  • Yes. Late or amended invoices for services provided prior to June 30, 2011, for FY 2010-11 can still be submitted. However, ADP will not accept drug court invoices for the expenditure period for FY 2011-12.

Which county entity will oversee the drug court funds?

  • It is the county’s responsibility to determine which agency or agencies will oversee the realigned funds.

Will counties receive the same amount of drug court funding in FY 2011-12 compared to prior years?

  • Counties have the discretion to determine which type of drug court they support with realigned funding. Drug court funding must be spent on drug court operations and services.

    Under realignment, the total of all three drug court allocations – CDCI, DCP, and DDC – will be combined into one allocation for FY 2011-12. The allocation percentages will be applied to the funds deposited in the Drug Court Subaccount on a monthly basis from the sales tax revenues. The actual dollars could vary depending on the actual sales tax receipts.

    To review payment issued by the State Controllers Office, use the link and instructions below:

    • Select “Current Apportionment Payments”
    • Select “Monthly Health and Human Services Account”
    • Select “Fiscal Year 2011-2012”
    • Select “Drug Court”
    • Under Remittance Advice, select “September 2011”

Do counties still have to submit drug court quarterly data reports?

  • As of July 1, 2011, counties are no longer required by ADP to submit Quarterly Data Reports (QDRs). However, in an effort to maintain data collection efforts on this important population, the Administrative Office of the Courts is encouraging counties to submit QDRs to:
    Dave Bressler
    Court Services Analyst
    Center for Families, Children & the Courts
    Judicial Council of California - Administrative Office of the Courts
    455 Golden Gate Avenue, Sixth Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
    415-865-7703; FAX 415-865-7217,

Are counties are still required to complete CalOMS on each participant?

  • Yes. Per California Health and Safety Code, provider facilities that provide the following services must report CalOMS treatment data to ADP:

    • Alcohol services that include non-residential recovery or treatment, detoxification, recovery homes, or residential treatment.
    • Drug treatment services that include outpatient drug-drug free, day care, narcotic replacement therapy including methadone maintenance, buprenorphine, detoxification, residential, hospitals, and all licensed methadone providers, whether publicly or privately funded.
    • Facilities that receive funding from ADP for the services listed above must report data on all participants, regardless of the source of funding for individual participants.