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Licensure Regulations

Licensure of Adult Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Recovery or Treatment Facilities

California Code of Regulations*

Title 9.  Rehabilitation and Developmental Services
Division 4.  Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Chapter 5.  Licensure of Residential Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Recovery

Title Section
Subchapter 1. Purpose and Definitions
Article 1. Application and Purpose of Chapter 10500
Article 2. Definitions 10501
Subchapter 2. Licensing Process
Article 1. Departmental Authority to License 10502
Article 2. Requirement for Licensure 10505-10513
Article 3. Application for Licensure 10514-10526
Article 4. Period of Licensure 10527-10531
Article 5. Licensing Fees 10532-10533
Article 6. Enforcement 10540-10549
Article 7. Licensing Appeals 10550-10554
Subchapter 3. Compliance Requirements
Article 1. Physical Environment 10561-10563
Article 2. Staffing Standards 10564-10565
Article 3. Program Services 10566-10574
Article 4. Physical Environment 10580-10584
Subchapter 4. Additional Requirements for Facilities Providing Services to Adolescents in Adult Facilities
Article 1. Application and Purpose of Subchapter 10598
Article 2. Waivers to Treat Adolescents in Adult Facilities 10599-10612
Article 3. Compliance Requirements 10613-10623
Article 4. Criminal Records Clearance 10624-10631

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