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Paradox Cost Applications


Start the Download Process

  • Click on your county name. A "File Download Box" will open up.
  • Select "Save".
  • A Save As box will open.
  • Select your folder. (tip: write down the folder name so you can easily find the file)
  • Click the "Save" button. A file named "your-County-Name_Cost1112_V0.exe" will be copied to the folder on your computer.
  • The "Download Box" should appear. Downloading will take some time, please wait until the "Download Complete" box opens up.
  • Select “Run” to install it now or select “Close” and later use Windows Explore to locate the file, then double click it to install it on you computer.

(Here are the instructions to backup your data and detailed Installation Instructions to install the Cost application on a network drive, and to uninstall the Cost application and Paradox Runtime 9).

Expire Notice:
As of 9/30/2013 these files are not available.