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Program Installation Instructions

Backup Your Data

The data files are in C:\B0102_1\DATA directory (if you didn't change your default directory at the installation). Please backup this directory daily. Do not use the Backup menu from the Budget Report to do your daily backup. That only copies part of data for sending it to the State.

How To Install Budget Report Diskette On A Network

The default directory for this version is C:\B0102_1

You can change the default directories to a different directory such as a network directory N:\B0102_1. But you need to change the setting for IDAPI file used by this application manually. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have Paradox 9 Runtime installed on your local PCs.
  2. From one of the PCs, run the Budget Report installation program on the diskette. Choose to install it on your network drive, e.g. N:\B0102_1 rather than the default C:\B0102_1. Make sure the users have full rights to access the directory and subdirectories. Don't use spaces in the directory name. Keep the directory name 8 characters or less.
  3. After the installation, go to Control Panel. Double click BDE Administrator icon.

On the menu bar, select Object, select Open Configuration, select the network directory, e.g. N:\B0102_1, select IDAPI.cfg file, click Ok button. (Now the title bar on top of this window should display: BDE Administrator N:\B0102_1\Idapi.cfg.)

Under the Databases tab, click the + sign next to the Database icon, then click NNA icon once (Do NOT click the + sign next to NNA icon), change PATH directory on the right side of the panel to the network directory, e.g. N:\B0102_1\DATA. (If you are unable to change PATH directory for NNA, right click NNA icon, select Close. Now try to change the PATH directory again.)

Click NNAExe once (Do NOT click the + sign next to NNAExe icon), change the PATH directory to the network directory, e.g. N:\B0102_1\EXEC.

Click Configuration tab, click the + sign next to the Configuration icon, click + sign next to Drivers icon, click + sign next Native, click PARADOX, type the network directory, e.g. N:\B0102_1 in the field next to Net Dir on the right side of the panel.

Now you have finished all the changes. To save it: Click Object on the menu bar, select Exit, click Yes button to "Save all edits to BDE Administrator N:\B0102_1\Idapi.cfg", click OK button to "All BDE applications must be restarted for changes to take effect". Click NO button to "Use N:\B0102_1\Idapi.cfg as default configuration".

If you need to have more than one person to access the application, just copy the shortcut to other PCs. Make sure that the other PCs have Paradox Runtime 9 installed.

How to Uninstall Budget Report and Paradox Runtime 9 from your PC

Go to Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs icon, under the Install/Uninstall tab, select the Budget Report version, then click the Add/Remove button.

To uninstall Paradox Runtime 9, from Start button, select Programs, select Paradox Runtime 9, select Setup, and then select Remove Program.