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Download Paradox 9 Runtime

You only need to install the Paradox Runtime 9 once on your PC. If you already have a Paradox Runtime 9 installed on your PC, you don't need to download it again. The file size for Paradox Runtime 9 is 17 MB. If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take a long time to download. You can call your ADP analyst to have a Paradox Runtime 9 CD-ROM mailed to you.

Start the Download Process

  • Click on the Paradox link below.  A "File Download Box" will open up.
  • Select "Save this Program to Disk".
  • Select the "Ok" Button.  A Save As box will open.
  • Select your "local disk C: Drive".
  • Click the "Save" button.
  • The "Download Box" should appear.  Downloading will take some time, please wait until the "Download Complete" box opens up.
  • The application file should now be on your computer's hard drive.

Paradox Runtime 9 (with Service Pack 3)

Install Instructions

Installing the Runtime is a matter of double-clicking on the icon labeled "ParadoxRuntime9SP3setup.exe". The installation program will unpack the data file into the C:\Temp directory and run its setup routine from there. Please accept the Default installation location suggested in the install program. If you install the Paradox Runtime in another location, your installation problems will compound when you attempt to install ADP's applications. ADP does not support installations of the Paradox Runtime in non-default locations.

Licensing of the Runtime is automatic for all Paradox for Windows version 9 applications distributed by ADP. It is only necessary to have one Runtime v9 installation on a machine, no matter how many Paradox v9 applications are installed on that machine. Paradox applications developed for earlier versions of the Paradox Runtime will only run on those earlier versions.

Do not install Runtime v9 on a computer that has an in-use older version of Paradox Runtime installed on it. It will overwrite the older version and make your older programs inoperable.