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SACPA Reporting Information System (SRIS)

For SRIS password assistance or questions regarding SACPA reporting and/or Prop 36, please call (916) 445-7456 or otp.ca.gov.

SRIS Frequently Asked Questions

SRIS Access

Access to the two system links below is limited to authorized account holders. (See System Documentation for new user authorization form and instructions.)

System Information

All documentation is "open" access.

Reporting Due Dates

Reporting due dates are as follows:

January 31 Biannual Program Report
(Expenditures and Other Services Client/Waiting List Counts)
May 01 County Plan
July 31 Biannual Program Report
(Expenditures and Other Services Client/Waiting List Counts)
September 30 Financial Status Report

This system was developed for counties to use in submitting and updating SACPA County Plans, Expenditure and Client Count reports, and Financial Status Reports. The system also contains a reporting function that allows counties to view and print the information entered into the system. ADP’s Office of Criminal Justice Collaboration utilizes this information to authorize the release of annual allocations to counties and to track and report program activity.

The major data entry components are:

  • County Plan
    • Entity Information
    • Service/Activity Information
    • Capacity Planning
    • Client Projections
    • Plan Questions
    • Plan Description
  • Financial Status Report
  • Biannual Program Report
    • Expenditure Report – Entity Information
    • Expenditure Report – Service/Activity Information
    • Other Services Client Counts
    • Other Services Wait List Counts