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While there is no fee for the inspection of records, there are fees associated with the copying of records. Copies of records that are not exempt from disclosure are available upon pre-payment of the direct costs for duplication, including the costs of copying and costs of computer programming and electronic-related supplies such as CDs when data compilation and extraction are necessary. If you want an electronic copy of a record, ADP will provide it in the software program that ADP holds the information.

All payments must be made by personal check, cashierís check, or money order and made out to: Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs / PRA. Be sure to write the PRA Tracking Number that you are given by the Department on your check. The department does not accept cash. Upon payment of the fees, when applicable, the Department shall provide a copy of any public record it retains.

Effective October 1, 2009, duplication costs are as follow:

  • 1. If your request(s) involves less than 50 pages within the month then the pre-payment fee is waived.
  • 2. If your request involves 50 or more pages within the same month you will be required to make a pre-payment of $10.00 for those first 50 pages and an additional $0.20 for each additional page that is duplicated. Based on the number of records you have requested the Department may have to estimate the number of pages involved. You will be required to pay this estimated cost. If the actual cost is higher, payment of the additional cost will be due upon completion of the duplication.
  • 3. Pre-payment of the estimated cost of special programming, time spent on the project, and any special supplies or services used. The actual payment if higher will be due upon completion of the record retrieval.
  • 4. Pre-payment of the actual cost of delivery when the requestor wants other than first class mail to be used and this delivery method does not interfere with the departmentís operational functions.


The Department will notify you if a pre-payment duplication fee is required and will give you a PRA Tracking Number. Write the PRA Tracking Number on your check or money order and on all correspondence with the Department. Please make your personal check, cashierís check, or money order out to: Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs/PRA and mail or deliver it to:

Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
1700 K Street, 5th Floor
Accounting Office
Sacramento, CA 95811
Attention: Jeanette Compton