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GPAC Workgroups

Workgroups assist with implementation of Council objectives based on GPAC current needs. Click on the name of each workgroup to learn more about their goals and to obtain products and reports produced by the workgroup and links to web pages produced by workgroup members.

Workgroups as of January 2011

The GPAC may reach a decision to reconvene a retired workgroup through consensus of the Council and based upon the following criteria:

  1. The state or federal government has issued a new statute/policy which impacts areas that one or more GPAC agencies have established as an issue or priority and would necessitate interagency collaboration accomplished by reactivating a GPAC workgroup.
  2. Tasks relevant to the specific topic of a workgroup that result from a conference, meeting, or summit.
  3. Discovery of new information or evidence, or when issues emerge in the state that would require recommendations by a workgroup.
  4. Substantial changes to materials originally created by a workgroup. For example, it may be necessary to amend the Strategic Plan created by the Binge Drinking Strategic Plan Workgroup or update the resource guide created by the Methamphetamine Implementation Workgroup.

GPAC Project Archive

Methamphetamine Implementation Workgroup Products:

Binge Drinking Strategic Plan Implementation Workgroup: