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High-Rate Underage Users Workgroup (HRUU)

The High-Rate Underage Users (HRUU) Workgroup was formed to address high risk AOD use patterns observed in California Student Surveys. Objectives of the HRUU Workgroup are to:

  • Summarize trends in different levels and types of substance use in California, and implications for meeting the prevention/intervention needs of students;
  • Identify the characteristics of high-rate alcohol users and high-rate drug users, and to assess the overlap of these groups;
  • Estimate the percentage of students whose level of use and related problems indicate they are in need of focused indicated prevention interventions in California schools (primarily secondary schools);
  • Promote Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) as an effective school-based intervention for youth with high-risk use patterns;
  • Present new information concerning the current use of SAPs in California; and,
  • Identify important issues which require consideration in supporting the effective future development or implementation of SAPs in California.

Summary Report: High Rate Underage Users Workgroup Findings and Recommendations, February 2005.

The High-Rate Underage Users Workgroup is chaired by the Department of Education and meets approximately four times a year.