Welcome to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs

Governor's Prevention Advisory Council (GPAC) Members

The GPAC provides California with leadership and continuity to advance Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention. The GPAC’s permanent status and members’ historical perspectives are integral to attaining long-term, sustainable results. The GPAC is designed to reinforce each member’s efforts, reduce redundancies, and align organizations’ resources to achieve specific collective objectives.

Although organizations appointed to the GPAC have varied primary missions, they all benefit from successfully preventing and reducing harm to public health, safety, and the economy related to ATOD use. The GPAC operates collectively toward a shared purpose, while members maintain autonomy in carrying out GPAC prevention objectives through their respective agencies.

The GPAC members consist of two representatives from each member agency. The “policy” representative is either the agency director or someone at a high policy-making level who can speak for their agency on prevention-related issues and attend the quarterly GPAC meetings. The "technical/workgroup" representative is an individual at management level who has program expertise and is willing to participate in workgroups as well as the quarterly Council meetings.

GPAC member agencies consist of:

A representative from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research also participates on the GPAC.