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Best Practices  

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This page exists to highlight local best practices which are described in documentary format, including white papers, reports, or other formats, and submitted for webpage publication. All submissions will be identified as to the county of origin.



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All Counties California Partnership for Access To Treatment (CPAT), Janet Soule, Senior Account Executive, Perry Communications, Sacramento (916-658-0144; janet@perrycom.com Partnership for Prescription Assistance (Submitted in July 2006 by Sharon Loveseth, Healthy Partnerships)


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Title of Best Practice /
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Submission Procedures

The Office of Criminal Justice Collaboration accepts submissions from county Proposition 36 lead agencies, members of their local collaboratives, or other major SACPA stateholders on virtually any topic with a direct or indirect relevance to SACPA drug treatment or administration. Submissions from direct service providers are also welcome, but must be submitted through their local Proposition 36 lead agency.

Submitting entities should include contact information within the first several pages, to allow contact with the author or responsible person should questions arise on content or policies expressed.

This page will be updated continuously as documents are submitted. Documents may be submitted in either Word or PDF format. Word documents will be converted to PDF prior to posting.

Please submit to:   SACPA E-Mail


An opinion or statement contained in any of the material posted on the "Best Practices" webpage does not reflect the opinion or endorsement of the State of California or the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (ADP). ADP makes no warranties for the content of this webpage.