Welcome to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs

California National Guard

California National Guard Counterdrug Program
Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) Program
10620 Mather Boulevard
Mather, CA 95655


Captain Jeff Moore
Drug Demand Reduction Commander

Phone:  (916) 369-4935
FAX:  (916) 857-1034

Description of Technical Assistance/Training Services or Materials
The Drug Demand Reduction Program is designed to provide direct support to community-based organizations. Support includes, but is not limited to, personnel (volunteers), trainers and instructors/facilitators, training development, facilities, and equipment.

Populations or Groups Served — All youth programs, community-based organizations, law enforcement, schools, and private organizations in support of drug prevention and education.

Eligibility Criteria —Must support or work with community issues to reduce crime, violence and drugs.

Fees — None

Application Procedure — Letter of request and call to DDR office are required.

Funding Agency — Department of Defense