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Historical Background

The Governor's Budget Language of 1995/1996 mandated that the Departments of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) and Mental Health (DMH) eliminate barriers to the provision of services to persons with the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance use. That language was the genesis of the two departments collaborating on dual diagnosis, now called Co-Occurring Disorders (COD).

In 1996, the two departments convened the Dual Diagnosis Task Force, comprised of members from the County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association (CADPAAC) and County Mental Health Directors Association (CMHDA), and jointly sponsored four dual diagnosis demonstration projects.

Both departments realized the ongoing need for continued discussion and development of a plan to enhance services for persons with COD. Beginning in 2002, they sponsored the COD Workgroup whose efforts resulted in the COD Workgroup Final Report released in June 2004.


COJAC continues today to work to improve treatment for COD. The COJAC Workgroup brings together a range of stakeholders to direct and act upon the work of the five COJAC subcommittees (Partnerships, Funding, Screening, Licensing and Certification, and Housing).

Co-Occurring Joint Action Policy Council (COJAC) Workgroup

Cheryl Trenwith, MFT (Workgroup Co-Chair)
Marvin J. Southard, D.S.W. (Workgroup Co-Chair)

For more specific information on the activities of the COJAC Workgroup, see “Past Meeting Notes” on the “Meetings” page. Additional information about the Workgroup and the Policy Council is on the “Home” page.