Welcome to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs

Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) GPAC Workgroup


The Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) is one of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s (SAMHSA) infrastructure and service delivery grant programs, designed to help states build, deliver, and sustain effective prevention services for reducing substance abuse problems.

The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs was awarded the SAMHSA SPF SIG in September 2010 to:

  • Provide more streamlined state and county processes and procedures
  • Expedite the planning/action/outcomes process
  • Create a means for communicating statewide priorities at all levels
  • Increase the use of data in local planning
  • Provide more coordinated and effective evidence-based prevention efforts

Please click on the Power Points below to see an overview of the SPG SIG project:

Duties of the SPF SIG Workgroup

  • Assess problem areas based on State Epidemiological Workgroup (SEW) data and recommend SPF SIG priorities
  • Make recommendations for subrecipient communities
  • Make recommendations for funding methodologies
  • Create project timelines
  • Recommend approval of the SPF SIG Strategic Plan
  • Review and approve community level Strategic Plans
  • Oversee progress throughout the five years of the grant

The SPF SIG Workgroup is facilitated by the SPF SIG Project Manager and meets on an as-needed basis.


The first task of the SPF SIG Workgroup was to assess problem areas based on data presented by the SEW and recommend priorities for the SPF SIG project. The information presented to the SPF SIG workgroup included the Epi Profile, priority selection criteria, and a Power Point presentation that included background and overview information on the needs assessment and prevention priority.

After reviewing available data, the SPF SIG Workgroup recommended that the strategic focus area for the SPF SIG grant be underage and excessive youth drinking, addressing youth ages 12-25. See the Recommended Strategic Focus Area document below for details and rationale.

Subrecipient Selection

A group of 20-30 communities was identified by the GPAC SPF SIG Workgroup through a screening process that included reviewing data on alcohol use and its consequences (see Considerations and Criteria for Recruiting Communities for the SPF SIG below). Counties in which these communities reside were interviewed to determine if the community should be included in the SPF SIG project. The final selection of county grantees and project communities were approved by the GPAC and ADP. Once the SPF SIG Strategic Plan was approved by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, the funds were allocated through grants to the counties in which the selected communities reside.

During the August 5, 2011 webinar (see below for information presented at webinar), participants requested the opportunity to self-nominate their communities. A self-nomination form was created (see SPF SIG Self-Nomination for Grant Participation form below). The information from these self-nomination forms were added to the community selection screening process to determine potential project communities. Counties that submit a nomination should have: