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Treatment Standards

Message from Dave Neilsen, Deputy Director, Program Services Division

Thank you for visiting ADP’s Treatment Standards development page. The links below will take you to the Department’s guidance materials regarding the provision of substance use disorder treatment.  These documents were developed by a broad group of stakeholders committed to developing treatment guidelines consistent with emerging direction from the federal level. California’s Best Practices are largely derived from the National Quality Forum’s (NQF) National Consensus Standards for the Treatment of Substance Use Conditions. These standards, carefully crafted and agreed upon by the expansive membership of experts in the treatment of substance use disorders, can guide us to areas where improvements in the alcohol and other drug services system and in treatment programs have a higher likelihood of improving outcomes for the people we serve. The companion document, Treatment Standards for Substance Use Disorders, informed by the NQF standards, is intended to guide new programs in California for delivery of quality care and to serve as a checklist for established programs in their continuing quality improvement efforts.

It has been several years since we completed this initial effort. As we continue to look for guidance from federal partners on the expectations of our service system under the Affordable Care Act, these documents still serve as indicators of where the field is moving.

On behalf of my colleagues at ADP, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those individuals and organizations that returned critiques on the draft materials and assisted in framing these guidance documents.