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About Us

The Office of Women’s and Perinatal Services (OWPS) oversees a statewide network of public-funded perinatal alcohol and other drug treatment programs. Annually, over 28,700 pregnant and parenting women, plus their children are served by these programs. The OWPS staff oversees state and federal perinatal funds, which support activities in research, technical assistance, collaboration, coordination, education, and outreach.

In addition, OWPS staff is also involved with:
  • Raising awareness and educating the public, particularly women of child-bearing age about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)
  • Representing the state of California on national organizations and task forces centered on women’s issues
  • Health care reform implementation activities
  • Preconception issues
  • Legislation centered on women’s issues
  • Returning California military veterans with particular attention to women