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Is Your Teenager Drinking Alcohol?

Teens make every effort to cover up what they want to stay hidden, including alcohol use. Alcohol use will affect your teenís behavior, attitude, and even choice of friends. There are numerous warning signs that your teen may be drinking:

  • Mood swings - Acting happy and giddy one minute followed by withdrawal, depression, or fits of anger the next.

  • Secrecy - Acting with increased secrecy about possessions or activities, or engaging in subtle conversations with friends.

  • New friends - Turning away from old friends and hanging out with older groups or those you suspect of using drugs.

  • Bad performance in school - Changing attitude towards school and significant changes in grades

  • Evidence - Missing alcohol in the house or unexplained empty containers showing up around the house Increased presence of masking agents such as mouthwash or breath mints.

  • Attitude - Changes in attitude against anti-drug or anti-alcohol programs, materials, or literature. A bad attitude toward any authority figures in their life.

  • Little things - Changes in hairstyle or fashion choices, loss of interest in tidiness or personal hygiene.

  • Overt signals - People telling you your teen is drinking or using drugs, or a sudden need for additional money with vague reason as to why. Staggering, slurred speech, changes in the pupils of their eyes, or bloodshot eyes.