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State Interagency Team (SIT) for Children and Youth

The State Interagency Team (SIT) for Children and Youth was established in 2003 to coordinate policy, services and strategies for children, youth, and families in California. Comprised of deputy directors from 10 state agencies, this group provides leadership and guidance to facilitate local system improvements. State agencies represented on the SIT include the Departments of Social Services, Education, Health Services, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Programs, Developmental Services, and Employment Development, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, the California Children and Families Commission, and the Workforce Investment Board.

A particular topic of interest of the SIT is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). With this in mind, the SIT FASD Work Group has been established.

SIT AOD Work Group Survey Summary Recommendations (2007) - (PDF)

SIT AOD Work Group Screening and Assessment Definitions (2007)

SIT Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Work Group (2009) - (DOC)

SIT FASD Work Group: Summary of Projects and Recommendations (2010) - (DOC)