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AED Consumption’s Association with Increased Risk of Harm

In a study of 802 patrons leaving bars in a college community, those who reported consuming caffeinated energy drinks were at a three times greater risk of being highly intoxicated and at a four times greater risk of intending to drive compared to other drinking patrons.

A survey of 4,271 college students found that the 697 students who reported consumption of caffeinated alcoholic beverages had:

  • Increased heavy episodic drinking ("bingeing": 6.4 days per month versus 3.4 days per month)
  • Twice as many episodes of weekly drunkenness (1.4 days per week versus 0.73 days per week)
  • 36% higher "greatest number of drinks in a single episode of drinking" (8.3 drinks versus 6.1 drinks)

The students consuming caffeinated alcoholic beverages alcohol were also more than twice as likely to:

  • Take advantage of another sexually (and almost twice as likely to be taken advantage of sexually);
  • Ride with a drunken driver;
  • Be hurt or injured as a result of their drinking enough to seek medical attention
  • Require medical treatment as a result of their drinking.

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