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AED Effects on Subjective Feelings of Intoxication

In laboratory studies with human subjects, caffeine:

  • Reduced volunteers’ subjective feelings of alcohol intoxication when compared to those who drank similar quantities of alcohol without caffeine
  • Did not reduce alcohol’s destructive impact on volunteers’ heart rate, oxygen intake, and other physiological variables during strenuous exercise;
  • Adversely affected volunteers’ visual reaction time, motor coordination, and other physical skills.

In laboratory studies using rats:

  • Alcohol made the animals more relaxed, but less able to avoid unpleasant shocks and navigate a maze
  • Caffeine improved the animals ability to navigate the maze and avoid the shocks
  • Alcohol combined with caffeine made the rats relatively alert and relaxed, but they were incompetent to avoid unpleasant shocks and navigate a maze as those receiving alcohol and no caffeine.

Other related drugs