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Marketing Messages

Some alcohol companies market AEDs with an "energy" theme, promoting partying and heavy drinking.  Companies have used taglines that appeal to youth such as: "Are you Joosed yet”, “You can sleep when you’re thirty," or “experience the Agwa buzz".

Advertising images have included youthful models drinking multiple cans of AEDs, sexy young women in provocative poses, rocket ships, and high-risk activities such as motorcycle jumping.

Brand names such as “Four Loko,” “Joose,” “3 A.M. Vodka,” and “Wide Eye” suggest boosting energy and heavy drinking.

Companies market their products over the Internet, on web sites for the drinks, and on MySpace and Facebook. Company-sponsored chat rooms and websites include such quotes as:

  • "The first time I drank Joose I finished 8 cans and passed out!!!!"
  • "If energy drinks give you wings, Agwa and energy drinks is like a jet-fueled backpack to the edge of the stratosphere."
  • "When you party with the world’s first caffeinated schnapps, it’ll seem like the rest of the world is sleepwalking through life."
  • "I’m glad you are so easy to steal!"

Marketing images and slogans have also suggested similiarities to illegal drugs such as cocaine:

Packaging and Brand Images

Some AEDs come in containers or use names and images similar to those used for non-alcoholic energy drinks or with suggestive "energy" graphics.

Although young consumers may know the difference, reports suggest that many parents, teachers, law enforcement personnel, and retail clerks cannot easily distinguish between the two types of products and may not be aware that AEDs exist.

At one San Diego Middle School in October 2007, teachers checked the campus during lunch and found that 12 of the 43 students who were drinking energy drinks had products that contained alcohol. [Note: many health professionals have raised concerns about energy drinks without alcohol.]

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Wired X3000 Four Loko Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Charge Hell Energy Drink Joose

Marketing Strategies

Many AEDs are actually less expensive than their non-alcoholic cousins. For example, a retail store in the Sacramento area offered the following prices in late 2009:

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