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What You Can Do

Community Members, Including Parents and Youth

Learn how to recognize Alcoholic Energy Drinks and alert your family members, friends, neighbors, school officials, retailers, and other community members about the risks AEDs pose to community health and safety, particularly young people.

Become active in your community. Seek support from elected officials and public officials (including school boards, city councils, board of supervisors) for local ordinances and resolutions that will promote consumer educations regarding the risks of AEDs and discouraging consumption, sale and distribution. (The Thousand Oaks ordinance and resolutions from national groups can serve as models).

Parents - Talking to your Children about Drinking

AEDs provide an important opportunity for parents to open a discussion with their children about drinking generally. For many parents, bringing up the subject of alcohol is no easy matter. Your young teen may try to dodge the discussion, and you yourself may feel unsure about how to proceed.

  • Talk to your kids early and often. Talking to your children about alcohol use and the consequences and risks associated with drinking to intoxication can play an important role in influencing your teenager’s drinking habits.
  • Modeling responsible attitudes and behavior. By modeling responsible attitudes and behavior with respect to your own drinking and avoiding drinking to intoxication, you have a much greater chance of positively influencing your teenager’s attitudes to drinking.
  • Tools. Below are some useful tools.


AEDs are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the health and safety risks alcohol pose to young people.

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