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Youth Programs

Adolescent Treatment Program

In 1998, the California Legislature enacted the Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Recovery Program Act (Assembly Bill 1784, Baca, Chapter 866, Statutes of 1998), better known as the "Baca Bill." Approximately $5 million annually was designated to support comprehensive alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment for adolescents. Twenty counties were funded with Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) funds based on an index of need indicators (adolescent deaths, hospitalizations, arrests, automobile collisions, and school incidents, related to adolescent AOD use).

Counties are using ATP funds to provide services in accordance with best practices for adolescents. The focus of the services varies depending on local need and priorities. Generally, services include residential treatment for adolescents in group home settings and juvenile detention facilities, services for youth transitioning into the community after discharge from such facilities, and additional adolescent-specific services at school sites and other outpatient settings. Increased collaboration with other youth and family service agencies has been a primary goal.

California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE)

The California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) currently provides vouchers in Los Angeles and Sacramento Counties for youth (ages 12 through 20) in need of alcohol and drug treatment and recovery support services. A new federal award (approximately $4.8 million per year) will enable CARE to expand services to Butte, Shasta and Tehama counties to target methamphetamine-using youth.

Healthy Families Program

In 1997, the Legislature enacted the Healthy Families Program (HFP) to provide health insurance coverage to low-income children. Medical, vision, dental, mental health, and substance abuse treatment benefits are provided to enrolled children through existing health care provider networks. The HFP substance abuse treatment benefit allows for medically necessary inpatient detoxification and a maximum of 20 outpatient visits per year. To learn more about the Healthy Families Program, please read the fact sheet (PDF).